INDIAN Degree certificates

Degree clearance certificate in the UAE is the act of attending a degree certificate per person / persons / departments / authorities authorized with their official seal and signature. This certification also confirms that the specified degree certificate was issued by the department mentioned and Seal and signature on this particular degree certificate is authentic certificate.

Indian Certificate Degree certificate may be made from the country issued certificate. To use the degree certificate in the UAE, the certificate must be attested from concerned HRD / MEA & corresponding Embassy of the country where the certificate holder plans to go.

We can complete the entire process whatsoever same certificate if the certificate holder is not there in the country of issue.

Documents required for Indian certificate Degree certificate

Documents required for clearance certificate Education in the UAE:

Certificate of origin

Copy of passport

Visa Copy

2 Photographs

A letter of authorization

Marks card sheet (All Years)

Certificate HSC

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